The “smart phone” from its English name smartphone, has become an indispensable device for a large majority of the population. In 2021, 1.434 billion smartphones were sold worldwide, according to Statista. In addition to the fact that these little boxes allow us to contact our loved ones on the other side of the world at any time, they have also become an irreplaceable tool in the world of work.

But these devices require frequent recharging of their battery. According to Frandroid, which conducted a survey of its Internet users, 48.8% of them would charge their phone once a day. 22.7% of them would be forced to charge it twice a day! Taking into account the fact that it is a reflex for a very large number of people, and that not a day goes by where a user suddenly does not have the use of his smartphone, these devices end up being very energy-intensive .

Recharging the telephone is obviously very far from consuming as much electricity as a washing machine cycle for example, but repeated recharging can end up showing on the bills… Especially since the number of refills required generally increases drastically after the device’s first year of life.

Indeed, smartphones are not made to last: their market pays too much. In 2018, the turnover of the smartphone market already amounted to nearly 522 billion euros according to neomag. It is therefore a good idea to preserve the life of your phone battery as much as possible in order to save not only the purchase of a new device, but also to minimize your electricity bills as much as you can.

Planet has therefore identified for you the 5 moments when you must avoid charging your smartphone at all costs, in order to preserve your battery AND the French electricity network!