The pension reform is creating a stir after a forced passage by the government in the National Assembly, through article 49.3, and the rejection of two motions of censure tabled by the opposition. In this social storm, several of the measures taken by the government are gradually disappearing from discussions, in particular the prospect of a minimum pension for retirees. We invite you to discover the amount of pensions to which you will be entitled to the implementation of the pension reform.

During the latest discussions around this issue, the possibility of a minimum pension for retirees has gradually taken a different turn with a figure of barely 10,000 to 20,000 new retirees each year able to benefit from it. A cold shower for many retirees, 700,000 every year, who were counting on this measure to improve failing purchasing power and difficult month-ends. Thus, the current revaluation would allow around 250,000 retirees to reach 1,200 euros, while nearly five million retirees are currently below this threshold. There are therefore 4.7 million retirees who will not reach this objective.

Despite these data, the text of the pension reform still provides for an increase in the contributory minimum, the minimum pension for the basic scheme. As of September 1, 2023, the amount of the minimum contributory will increase and may increase the total amount of your retirement pension. There are therefore nearly 40,000 future retirees, 39,188 according to the Ministry of Labor for the 1972 generation and as notified by MoneyVox, who will have an additional 100 euro boost. Between 180,000 and 200,000 future retirees could also benefit from an increase in their pension with a probable increase of 400 euros gross per year. Discover, in our slideshow, the amount of these pensions to which you will be entitled.