At the Frankfurt airport, as many passengers in the past year, handled like never before. Overall, the operator Fraport scored 69.5 million passengers and 7.8 percent more than in 2017, as it announced on Monday in Frankfurt.

in August, Fraport-Chef Stefan Schulte had raised its forecast to more than 69 million passengers. Now, the increase was to Germany’s largest Airport.

brake tracks for cargo handling

The past year have again shown that the “product fly” is very much in demand. “In Frankfurt, we have achieved the largest absolute growth in our history, and our role as one of the leading European hubs confirmed,” concluded Schulte.

The number of flight movements-payments rose, according to Fraport during the past year by 7.7 percent to 512.115 take-offs and landings. Also, the maximum take-off weights had increased: by 5.1 per cent to around 31.6 million tonnes. “The Cargo was to be transported to about 2.2 million tons, slightly down (minus 0.7 percent). The reason is the increased uncertainties in global trade, especially in the second half of the year,“ says Fraport.