Sleep: the soldiers’ trick to fall asleep in less than two minutes


Sleep. What could be better than dozing off in a good bed after a hard day’s work? However, sometimes sleep is not on the horizon and counting sheep has no effect.

According to data collected by the Geo site, 75% of French people say they wake up at least once a night and 36% suffer from at least one sleep disorder.

If by chance falling into the arms of Morpheus proves to be a test, perhaps you should test this scientific method. This is used by the US military in times of war so that its soldiers can rest, even under enemy fire. It would work for 96% of its users after six weeks…

According to The Independent, this technique was revealed to the general public in the book “Relax and win, Championship performance”, in 1981, reports Terrafemina. It would also ensure that you can fall asleep in less than two minutes and in any position.

Here’s what to do:

All you have to do then is enjoy a good night…