the Two convicted murderers, a frustrated prison employees, a spectacular eruption, followed by a day-long manhunt: Ben Stiller’s “Escape at Dannemora” tells a true story that occurred in 2015 in the state of New York. At the time, succeeded Richard Matt – sentenced for the murder of an American engineer in Mexico a prison sentence of at least twenty-five years, and David Sweat for the murder of a police officers life einsitzend – to escape from the high-security Clinton Correctional Facility. As it turned out, had helped a employee of the prison. For almost three weeks, the Volatile the police and the population held in breath. In the end, Matt is dead, Sweat hard and hurt yourself again in custody.

Silent, which was subscribed to in addition to his acting work so far on the staging of comedies such as “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and “Zoolander”, has researched the preparation of the escape and the outbreak in detail. He and his authors Brett Johnson and Michael Tolkin studied, among other things, the 150-page report of the investigating New York inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott, they interviewed David Sweat and took advantage of a seventeen minutes long GoPro Video, the investigators in the pursuit of the eruption route, for the breath at the end of opening sequence of the fifth Episode of prey. But above all, staged Silent this story as a precise observation a portrait of a handful of people who need each other for different reasons.

An Underdog with a lyre of Homer-Simpson-voice

Benicio del Toro plays Richard, Matt, with his own lascivious arrogance – a master of Manipulation, and the other for the dirty work. Matt pulls the strings in the jail, exchanged with the warden Gene Palmer (David Morse) compliant and things arranged with a lot of tact in his favor. Paul Dano is the quieter, simpler David Sweat, Matt’s Cell mate, and not actually reduced to only the eye, in order not to lose the privileges conferred on him the Honor Block, the wing for prisoners who have distinguished themselves by good conduct. But the spotlight of this seven-part Showtime series belongs to Patricia Arquette. As Joyce’s “Tilly” Mitchell, it delivers a remarkably raw Performance as the disgruntled head of the prison’s own tailor’s workshop, is annoyed by her dumb husband Lyle and engage in sexual Mini-escapades, first with Sweat, then with Matt on the run. Eric Long, a number of performers in top form, plays Lyle Mitchell as the insecure Underdog with a lyre of Homer-Simpson-voice, wrestling with how the other characters actually just his Dignity.

Silent knows that Arquette is the star of his production. In the opening sequence, he shows you first, just from the rear – you can just see that she is wearing black and white striped convict clothes and takes the special inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott (Bonnie Hunt) in the view, listening to Tilly. Slowly, the camera revolves around the prisoners, all two and a half minutes, until you can look Tilly in unsparing Close-up into the face of a woman with age permanent wave and slackened skin, bad teeth and rings under the eyes, in which still a defiant Desire for an exciting life flickers.

Power and subordination in their rawest expression

Arquette plays Tilly as a chubby Mittfünfzigerin, their frustration eats up your life like a festering wound in your self-confidence. For Del Toro, Richard Matt, this is an invitation to the dance: “A civilian employee is keen on you, and you’re missing the advantage?”, he asks dumbfounded, Sweat the next, back, stop. Silent is careful not to reduce the story to its considerable value, even if he gets tangled in the staging of the tunnel construction in the not-too lengthy drudgery Sweats in the semi-dark.

“Escape at Dannemora” is the intimate portrayal of a nightmarish world of the American prison system, the inhabitants of which find a semblance of normality ringenm while you adapt to the laws of a brutalized world in which Power and subordination in their rawest expression. As a viewer you learn in the process, after the multi-layered personalities, is mired in a complicated story, in a coincidence as big a role as the carefully planned maneuvers of Matt, the hard work of Sweat and the emotional instability of Tilly Mitchell.