Sky’s Recommendations for Improving Wi-Fi Speed

SKY has identified some of the worst locations people place their Wi-Fi routers, resulting in poor connection quality. The placement of your broadband hub plays a crucial role in determining the speed, stability, and strength of the signal.

1. Boiler cupboard: Placing the router in a boiler cupboard may seem convenient, but the confined space restricts the signal’s spread. Additionally, the heat from the boiler can slow down the connection and pose a fire hazard.

2. On top of the microwave: Microwaves emit electromagnetic radiation that can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal, making the kitchen an undesirable location for the router.

3. Baskets: While placing the router in a wicker basket may look aesthetically pleasing, it hinders the signal’s distribution.

4. Basement: Keeping the router in the basement may seem practical, but the low position impedes the signal’s reach to other parts of the house.

5. Stuck under cupboards: Placing the router upside down under a kitchen cupboard is not ideal, as it should always be kept face up for optimal performance.

To ensure fast and stable Wi-Fi, follow these three important tips recommended by Sky:

– Keep the router in an open area with at least 30cm of space around it.
– Avoid placing the router near other wireless devices.
– Position the router in the area where internet usage is the highest for better connectivity.