Stefan Luitz in dense driving snow of Adelboden, the Packed damaged left shoulder, thick, and looking up wistfully, the legendary Chuenisbärgli. He is indeed “very good,” he said a day after his crash in the giant slalom, “the pain I have no more, the shoulder is back in it, because I’m very happy.”

But that the anyway of the dreaded oxygen-affair-stricken Allgäuer could not “continue after his mishap on Sunday in the Slalom a bit Zicki-Zacki”, hurt him twice. “At the moment everything comes at once, but I always struggle more, not going to let me down and always get back up,” said the 26-Year-old brave.

Whether or not he has done at his mishap more than “just” a dislocated shoulder, to show further examinations on Monday in Munich. The world Cup is even in Swedish Are (5. to 17. February) in danger? “I can’t answer that now,” said Luitz, who had missed after his cruciate ligament rupture is already Olympic in 2018, “I hope, of course. It feels not so bad, but I can’t look in my shoulder.“

A world Made of medal candidate Luitz would the hard-hit German ski Association (DSV) to the Mark to meet. “I always thought, it’s worse. But there are every Time but still an increase,“ said the zerknirschte Alpine Director Wolfgang Maier to the continuing bad luck with injuries and his team, the absence of cracks, among other things, the driver Thomas Dreßen and Andreas Sander to the cross band.