Suddenly, all eyes are on him, but on slogans and flashy announcements, you can wait for Karl Geiger in a long time. “I don’t assume that I durchrocke the tour. Since you have to bake first, small rolls and see to it that it stabilizes the level,“ said Geiger before the Start of the four-hills-tournament this Sunday (16.30/ZDF and in the F. A. Z.-Liveticker for the four hills tournament) in his hometown of Oberstdorf.

According to its most recent flight, the 25-Year-old with friends and family in the shadow of the mountain as many ticket as never to be fulfilled wish. The single victory in Engelberg two weeks ago and fourth place in the overall world Cup could leave Geiger confident in the spectacle on the four ski jumps in Germany and Austria, but this is not his art. Geiger, down to earth and unassuming.

That he visited before the first highlight of the season for the TV-Studios – instead of the year-long Stars Andreas Wellinger, or Severin Freund, Geiger is an unusual Situation. The way to the top took him half an eternity, the Allgäuer already completed his seventh world Cup season and never really arrived in the top of the world. “It’s come over the years, that they developed it step by step, less pressure makes, look, the jumps and the overall concept will be better,” said Geiger, who has always remained injury free.

coach Werner Schuster cost nervous the mini steps often, because it precedes it in the case of Geiger and the strengthening of the Stephan Leye to slow. That has changed this Winter, in the after the tour with the world Cup in Seefeld, another Highlight is pending. Leyhe jumped in Wisla on the podium, violinist duped in Engelberg, there is the competition. “You trained the whole of life, so that you may stand up,” said Geiger. The first victory, it was kind of a lifelong dream. “Karl and Stephan are currently our best-placed German ski jumper, and therefore belong also to the wider circle of the co-favourites,” said Schuster.