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resim 581

Hannah Schmidt was feeling ready for the Ski Cross World Cup races in Craigleith, Ont. On Friday, she reached the grand final and placed fourth in front of “the biggest crowd of the season”, mostly made up of Canadian fans.

Third in qualifying the day before, Schmidt won his quarter-final race at the start of the day. She then finished second in the next round, just behind fellow bronze medalist Marielle Thompson.

They were three Canadians in the grand final: Schmidt, Thompson and Courtney Hoffos. However, it was Fanny Smith who emerged victorious. From the start, the Swiss representative gave herself a comfortable lead and kept it until the finish line.

Hoffos and Thompson finished second and third respectively, while Schmidt closed in fourth place.

“In the final, I didn’t have my best start. I fell behind the other girls and it is difficult to overtake on this course. I also made a few mistakes at the bottom of the course, but overall I’m very happy with my skiing,” Hannah Schmidt told Sportcom.

Recovered from a few minor injuries suffered in recent weeks, including one that prevented her from stretching out one of her arms since the World Cup in Reiteralm, Austria, the Mont-Tremblant skier had to adjust technical elements on her starts. She was confident to sign a good result on Friday.

“I was ready and in good shape, although it was more difficult mentally to find myself in the super final. I was really nervous! she confided.

“It was really special that the biggest crowd of the season was in Canada and that we found three Canadians in the grand finale,” said the silver medal winner in France last month. December. She hadn’t reached the super final since.

His brother Jared was stopped in the men’s round of 16 and finished 19th. He finished sixth in qualifying on Thursday.

The last race of the season will take place on Saturday.