The league is working so well Sjotcast’t figure it out. In this Podcast from The local Newspaper to take chef George Gysen, voetbalredacteur, Guillaume Maebe and the editor-in-chief Lars-Godeau you through the wonderful world of football on, but also off the field. Episode 8 is going to be the about the unpaid bills at the gas station in Beervelde, the power of philip, Clement, and increases the guest Of Dierckx, his amazing eight-day kampioenenviering with the final result. And we will be with him.

Dierckx: “we of Antwerp, champion, became, I have eight days to not be at home.” (Photo: Jan Van der Perre

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In the Sjotcast stories, Guillaume Maebe, George Gysen, and A Godeau, about the life of a young journalist in the wide world of football. From time to time with a guest, and their needs. In the second season, will there be each and every Monday a new episode is online, a time to be 16.

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YOU CAN READ AS WELL. The numbers prove it: the difference between Anderlecht and Club Brugge has never been so great.

More about Tuur Dierckx facility news. Danjuma seems to be the preferred method of getting from Club Brugge, KV Kortrijk, missing topschutter Gokzaak subject to a limitation for the football association: Deschacht, Henkinet, Dierickx and Musona will not be suspended, facility news. Aside Devroe is back at Anderlecht, Oulare, for the first time, in a Standard blow for the Culture Dierckx, and a very Waasland-Beveren-forward for a long period of time out with a serious injury