Brussels –

The municipality of Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe / Woluwe saint etienne think it’s time for heater to no longer apply to them. “This measure is not only aesthetic in nature, but can be found in the “green” reflex”, what it sounds like.

now, On to the avenue Georges Henri, it is the horecauitbaters been around since 2012 and is forbidden to have outdoor heaters to install. This is the result of a municipal ordinance, which was adopted. That was when, for the purpose of the architectural character of the street and to protect them, mainly for aesthetic reasons.

Current ships of Urbanism, We have the Valkeneer (Challenge it can be to get that scope to extend to the whole of the territory of the municipality, know a

“the Four heater five hours to burn, to consume as much as a car, which is 350 kilometers. The exterior of the car to heat, it is pure waste,” said the ship.