Simone Biles has a Sunday until the champion is crowned at the bar during the world cup in artistic gymnastics in the German Stuttgart. The U.s. now has 24 world cup medals, including 18 gold, to its list of achievements. This is a record in gymnastics.

The 22-year-old Biles was the world’s most successful gymnast ever in world cup history. Her 24 world cup medal, so she is now in the belarusian legend Vitaly Scherbo (23 world cup medals in the 1990’s) is over.

At the bar, had Biles with a score of at 15,066 points to her name. For the Chinese, Liu Tingting, who is in her title defense, with 14,433 to settle for second place. Her compatriot, Li Shijia (14,300) became the third.

the 25th world CHAMPIONSHIP medal on the floor exercises

finally, Simone Biles, was also present during the grondfinale with the best of them. Nina Derwael had on Saturday, with her new title, on the bridge, the uneven bars, already know the lump sum is to provide for the grondfinale due to a sore foot.

Biles now has 19 world championship titles after her name, and won three silver and three bronze at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. She was the reigning olympic and world champion on the floor, and did that in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, in full. With a score of 15,133 she and her fellow Sunisa Lee of a point behind him. The Russian lady-Angelina Melnikova took the bronze with 14,066 points.

Biles earned her world CHAMPIONSHIP medals in five world cup appearances, starting in 2013, in Antwerp, belgium. Scherbo was in five world cup time, between the years 1991 and 1996.

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