In order to remedy these problems which can affect all workers, the general scheme has provided for the taking into account of these quarters for the calculation of your pension rights. Thus, depending on the circumstances, certain types of stoppages will or will not have an effect on your retirement. For example, short-term sick leave will not have a great impact on your retirement. However, things are different for longer stops or work accidents. Explanations.

The various life accidents encountered during your professional career have a more or less significant impact on your retirement. For example, in the case of long-term sick leave, consideration varies according to certain conditions. Therefore, the quarter during which the 60th day of sick leave compensation is received is counted, then one quarter is then counted for each period of 60 days of compensation. It is not possible to exceed four quarters per year. At the same time, the Agirc-Arrco scheme awards points for these quarters.

In the context of an accident at work, the quarters are counted in different ways. Thus, in the case of temporary incapacity, the conditions are identical to long-term sick leave. For a permanent disability of at least 66%, each quarter during which a disability pension is paid can be validated for retirement. The limit of a maximum of four quarters per year also applies. Supplementary pension points are also allocated according to the same conditions as for sick leave.