Now, the settlement of the budget will be postponed proceedings in Washington in the coming week. You may be curious as to whether this succeeds. Because the Democrats from the 3. In January of the majority in the house of representatives and you will have a much stronger Position, you might be interested, the thing to delay; especially, a relative majority of Americans gives the President the blame for the fact that Federal departments and agencies are closed.

But Trump holds stubbornly to the claim that five billion dollars for the construction of a border wall (a key piece of his election campaign) in the budget, which the Democrats reject.

ministries and authorities also had to keep the doors closed. That was so under Obama. Prior to that, the leader of the Republican Gingrich had driven his conflict with Clinton on the top. For weeks Washington was “tight”.

How long the lock lasts now depends on the calculus: Who does it benefit, and whom a solution? Otherwise, the “Shutdown” is another example of the Dysfunction in Washington.