evenko learned at the last minute of the impossibility of rapper Pitbull to go to Montreal, where thousands of spectators were waiting for him in the rain on Saturday.

This is what the promoter said in a statement sent to the media on Sunday.

The day before, thousands of people braved the rain on Saturday to see the famous rapper at Jean-Drapeau Park.

However, due to a mechanical problem with his plane, the artist never made it to Montreal. His performance was canceled around the time he was scheduled to go on stage.

The promoter denied having learned of the rapper’s absence earlier, as many spectators accused on social networks.

“We learned of the impossibility for Pitbull to travel to Montreal early in the evening, when the Podium event was already underway and the programming had started,” he explained.

“We understand the inconvenience experienced by the spectators and they will all be reimbursed,” he continued, saying he was disappointed by the cancellation of the show, whose tickets were selling at a discount last week.

This isn’t the first time fans’ patience has been tested. In April, Nicki Minaj took the stage at the Bell Center more than three hours late. A few months earlier, Madonna had performed on the same stage almost an hour and a half late.