Ypres / Booitshoeke –

The 48-year-old Show on Velle from Booitshoeke, at Ypres, ran Sunday night big burn and at the same time, the battery of the electronic cigarette, in the back of his hand blew up. He had been in the battery together with coins and the keys are kept, which is a short-circuit caused it to be. “I am very shocked at it, but stop with the vapen? No, I don’t really do it.”

Normally, likes to Show his battery is in the back of his hand. Indeed, in his own words, he never had a spare battery with you. “But we have to move from Lombardsijde-to Booitshoeke, and on Sunday, we had a lot of work,” says Tone, a dealer in frozen foods. “I wanted my vape to be regularly used. In the past, I was a hardened smoker, but for the past two years, I will use the e-cigarette. It feels so much healthier, and I notice that my level of fitness. Little did I know that just this would happen.”

Flash in the pants.

Sunday night, in about 18 hours and it went wrong. After a long day of moving, did not Show any more, the battery is considered. “Until all of a sudden, a huge flame out of my shorts and came out,” he says. “There was a hole in my jeans, ready for burning. In my hands, I was trying to extinguish the flames, but in doing that, I did burn up. And then I would, but, as soon as possible, with my pants off, and kieperde the battery life on the land. Amazingly, the rod had burned down to embers. I have heard that the vinyl floor is already sizzling. With a towel, I got the battery fitted and is in a bowl of water to put in.”

After that, reed’s Tone and his wife to the hospital. “My leg is in a second-degree burn and is quite large. The damage to my arm and hand is not too bad. Actually, I was still fortunate that the flame went out and will not go to any other place in my pants. That would be a lot more painful for it.”


After taking care of could be to Tone it back to the house, and in the meantime, he is busy with his move. Although there are a large bandage around his leg, and a heavy layer of a special brandwondengel. Stop with the vapen is that he is not planning to do so.

“I won’t be able to stop, I enjoy it too much,” he said. “Well, I think, is to find out why the battery blew up. In my pocket was some change and my keys. Due to the incredible friction against the metal, there may be a short circuit occur. So this is where I will be now, in the future, take that into account. And with a battery that I don’t have more in my pocket. At the hospital they said that I’m sure is not an isolated case. Sometimes you will need to feel in order to be able to learn from it.