Holidays in the USA, Should open up Las Vegas – and what would be left?The 81-year-old mayor Carolyn Goodman would turn on loved all the lights of the city immediately. But the people who work there, have to fight back now.Jürgen Schmieder, Los Angeles0 comments”What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” – except infectious diseases: An Elvis-Double in Las Vegas without an audience.KEYSTONE

There are only two reactions to this unique sight, and they could hardly be more different: the one Who departs from Los Angeles drive to Las Vegas (only Amateurs can fly in this sinful city), through four hours of Barren lives. Between Barstow, and Zzyzx, there is a 90-Kilometer stretch that leads straight through the desert. It might be boring, hardly; but then, you should always arrive shortly after sunset in Vegas, see in the dark, a light BLOB that is always bigger and a magically attracts.

The reaction: total excitement about this crazy place in the desert. The other: the absolute contempt for this town, may it give never.

What in Vegas

And now, while the Coronavirus pandemic, and the cautious easing, is led to a so properly, that the people in Las Vegas do, especially what do people currently do not. They celebrate in a confined space together, to pool parties, half naked. You touch things like Chips, cash, or buttons on the machines, which have touch in front of thousands of other guests. You drink from glasses that have used on its own to this day with dozens of other tourists. And, this is also part of Vegas: you spend nights with Strangers, the winds on the next day in a different direction resolutions.

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, it means always, but connoisseurs have transformed this legendary sentence long: What happens in Vegas, the out – of-infectious stays in Vegas-the diseases that you take home with you.

The leads in the current situation to the question: Can you, no, you are allowed to enter this city for tourists is free? Also in the Knowledge of the risk that guests could carry the Coronavirus may be in numerous towns or countries?

Trump, in comparison to Goodman, a sensible politician

Yes, say the leaders, and they have produced it even a commercial that is now being shown across the country. “Reimagined” is the title of the 30-second Film, it is first of all the typical Vegas to see the pictures: the water fountains in front of the Bellagio, the giant Ferris wheel in front of the Linq, the canals at the Venetian. “A new Vegas for a new reality”, then, is to hear a young Couple swims alone in the Pool, walked alone in front of the fountains, wandering alone in the nearby Grand Canyon: “Who has always dreamed of a Las Vegas only for themselves: It is here. Things will be a bit different than in the past.”

Las Vegas’ mayor Carolyn Goodman.KEYSTONE

Currently, individual Restaurants are open again, but no night clubs, Hotels and Casinos. The earliest reservations of 29. May, possible early June, it should start again really, with a few limitations.

In the Casinos should only be allowed half of the people at Blackjack tables, so three instead of the usual six players and no spectators behind it. Croupiers wear gloves and to offer the guests after each game, to disinfect their hands. Everywhere the walls made of Plexiglas are placed between the one-armed bandits, for example, of which only every second should be in operation. The Buffets, this unique Völlereien in each Hotel, to give it only once.

Open to any price.

It sounds simple, and this is precisely the aim of mayor Carolyn Goodman. You would turn on loved all the lights of this city immediately, without the annoying restrictions, and it is not an exaggeration to say that US President Donald Trump compared to Goodman as a cautious and prudent politician, therefore.

three weeks Ago, Goodman in the TV channel CNN has occurred and mused about the fact that Las Vegas could be a kind of experimental laboratory, as to whether the functioning with the Distance, in fact, be: “how should we know, if there is no comparison?”

Open at any price, this is the Motto of Goodman, 81. It is, for the past nine years, the mayor, the predecessor had managed in the previous twelve years: husband, Oscar, of shady political career, but powerful people such as Tony Spilotro and Frank Rosenthal – his autobiography, translated means: from mob lawyer to mayor.

“Go back to work – or die trying.”

The Goodmans belong to no party, many of their decisions are based on it, to let this light BLOB in the desert a little brighter rays. It means that you care more about the owner of the more than 400 Casinos and less to the many people who work there.

The people who work there, fight back now: against the wall of the Majestic Repertory Theatre in the city centre, there is a survival of large paintings of the two, since a few days, their faces are covered with masks. Which is, what do people think the mayor wants them to do: “Go back to work – or die trying.”

Who is away from the two Disneyland-for-adults-areas of Downtown and the Strip (what should do not a tourist) who does not see it: Las Vegas magician, a singer and a dancer of life, but also cleaners, service personnel, technicians.

tight-knit community, not a Guinea pig

you make this city Run, and they care for each other; it means that someone, because of the favors could be to each other (survival of free Tickets, Drinks, access to the buffet) without money.

It is a tight-knit community that does not want to participate as Guinea pigs in the Experiment of Goodman. “Of course I can sterilize the Chips, they are like new,” says Clay Dubois, Manager and only employee of the Chip cleaner Elite Chip Care: “If, however, after someone sneezes on it, you are contaminated again.”

The poker Pro Doug Polk will, therefore, start impeachment proceedings against Goodman, he is currently gathering signatures. Nearly 7000, he doesn’t need really much, however, must be written with a pen on paper.

professional gamblers, with the mayor of

Polk is now everywhere to promote his Initiative, and of course, this is a story that could only happen in Las Vegas, professional gamblers, with the mayor, who is married to that lawyer who played himself in the movie “Casino” itself, and in real life, the villains defended, represented by Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro. This is the old Las Vegas, the the a excited, and all of the other repels.

Only: there’s the Problem of the re-opening of this city. How much will be left of Las Vegas?

inhabitants, the life since birth, there, tell, now, that you leave your town just get so, so depressed to have experienced: the day after the massacre, 2017, in which 59 people died. At that time it was already in the evening, then, as if nothing had happened. The might not be walking to work now, because alone in the Pool for a swim, alone – which can also be somewhere else.

Each of the Plexiglas wall, each of the disinfectant, each of the sterilized Chip is not, in principle, a reminder that the crisis is fully overcome for a long time and that a proper Las Vegas Party, is not yet possible.

The majority of people come to Las Vegas to be reminded of it. You come there to forget.

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