A tasteless question is will my of some a Christian. Finally, it is important to share the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ with others. Cost-Benefit calculations are as out of place. Or the Three kings have brought only gifts, to back to the new king and his family in a good light?

The answer is not known. Just as many people out of selfish motives gifts to make, in order to increase your chances of getting an Inheritance, a promotion, a good business, or larger own gifts. If the calculus comes up, there is no Pay. In purely economic terms, not worthwhile gifts anyway.

researchers asked the recipient how much would you be willing to spend, if you would have had to buy their gifts themselves. Result: Many of the gifts would not have bought the donee. Others he bought at the most for less money. Below-the-line travel loss so Well, since Schenker had to spend sum more money than the stuff was the recipient at the end of the value. From rational reasons, gifts of Money would be preferable.