Sunflower oil, mustard, sparkling water… These products have one thing in common: they have long been missing from supermarket shelves. Between the war in Ukraine, the drought, the bird flu and the increase in the cost of raw materials, several foodstuffs have evaporated from the cupboards of French consumers. Where are we today?

The NielsenIQ institute has created a monthly barometer in partnership with the specialist magazine LSA, in order to monitor the state of stock shortages in large retail chains. For the period from January 30 to February 26, 2023, the shortage rate in supermarkets and hypermarkets rose to 5%, or 0.7 points compared to the same period in 2022.

“These line breaks represent a gross loss of 5 billion euros in hypermarkets and supermarkets over a full year”, specifies the institute. Note: in a more traditional context, the out-of-stock rate is around 2%.

Fortunately, the trend is reversing in some departments. Thus, the NielsenIQ institute notes that several product families have seen their rupture rate decrease compared to the same period last year:

Some products are, on the contrary, much more affected than others by shortages. In our slideshow below, discover the ranking of the five most difficult foodstuffs to find in the supermarket.