No tomato-mozzarella salad this winter! In any case, this would be the consequence, among farmers, of an increase in energy costs, indicates the media Le Point, according to an article in the Financial Times.

What is the relationship between tomato, lettuce and electricity? The heating! It is indeed necessary for the production of these two vegetables in winter: the greenhouses used for their cultivation are very greedy, especially in cold regions.

However, this obviously consumes a large amount of energy, which, with the increase in prices, will be very, even too expensive for the growers.

As in the Netherlands, where several greenhouses with tomato plants will not be lit (lighting usually used to help growth) this winter “due to the high price of electricity”, indicates Alexander Formsma, specialist in energy at Glastuinbouw Nederland.

“The prices have gotten out of control, they are ridiculously high,” grower Tony Montalbano told the Financial Times. To cope with soaring prices, this farmer like many others has reduced his production.

In this sense, the risk of a shortage of tomatoes and salads on our shelves is theoretically possible in the months to come.

For organic farmers, this shortage is not one. Since December 21, 2019, indicates TF1, the marketing of summer vegetables and fruits in organic farming is prohibited in winter, in order to respect the cycle of the seasons.

And not only. Because a tomato, produced in a greenhouse, emits up to 7 times more CO² than in high season…