“Check not accepted.” Due to numerous outstanding payments, some merchants or service providers display this information. Is that legal though? What about other payment methods?

If the bank card, cash, check, online payment, transfer or direct debit allow us to pay all of our monthly expenses (shopping, bills, leisure, etc.), they are not all accepted everywhere. When can professionals refuse them or not?

As Bercy Infos entreprises details on its website, professionals cannot refuse cash payments.

According to French regulations, “the fact of refusing to receive coins or banknotes which are legal tender in France according to the value for which they are current is punished by the fine provided for 2nd class contraventions “. That is 150 € maximum.

However, there is a maximum cash limit that merchants or service providers can receive. The latter is set at €1,000 (or €3,000 for payments made by means of electronic money) if the customer is domiciled in France for tax purposes or is acting for the purposes of a professional activity. The number of tickets is unlimited, depending on the ceilings set by decree.

For tourists, on the other hand, the ceiling is much more generous. It amounts to €15,000, provided that holidaymakers are not acting for the purposes of a professional activity.

Please note, however, that professionals reserve the right to:

What about credit card and check?

Do you want to pay for your purchases by credit card or cheque? Please note that these means of payment, although used daily, may be refused. The customer must nevertheless be informed, upstream and in a visible manner by means of:

Furthermore, in the event of acceptance of these means of payment, conditions may be imposed.

In some businesses, a minimum purchase amount may be requested for any payment by credit card. It depends on bank commissions.

For payments by check, the presentation of an identity document may also be required.

As the Ministry of the Economy notes, “taxi drivers are required to accept payment by credit card, regardless of the amount of the fare (no ceiling)”.

Finally, contactless payment by bank card, widely democratized during the health crisis, or even mobile payment can also be offered to the customer. No signature or identity document can be requested in this case.