After a number of packages were discovered in a ravine, the Blount County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating.

According to the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, a FedEx driver dropped nearly 400 packages in an Alabama ravine. This happened at least six times.

“Update on FedEx dump. “Update on FedEx dump. Investigators found that driver dumped at minimum six times, making FedEx a victim of six different Theft of Property” Sheriff Mark Moon posted Tuesday on the office’s Facebook page.

“As of right this moment, we are currently looking at approximately 450 victims, some in Blount county, and that investigators are trying to work their cases. This case will take time and it won’t be easy to solve. As our investigators tackle this case, I ask for patience.

They were discovered in a forest at the foot of a hillside and scattered about last Wednesday in Hayden, which is about 30 miles north from Birmingham.

Moon stated Monday that an unidentified FedEx driver had been questioned by Moon about the matter. It is not clear if the sheriff’s department will bring charges.

He posted on Facebook, “There have been many question coming in, mainly media regarding the FedEx debacle.”

FedEx security personnel have spoken to investigators and the driver has been identified. We will continue to provide more information, so please be patient. We will share all information we have, as soon as we are able.

FedEx stated Friday that security is a top priority for customers’ shipments and they are committed to providing the best possible care for their packages.

The company stated that it was taking all necessary steps to retrieve and transport the affected packages as soon as possible. “We are not only cooperating with law enforcement but we are also reviewing the situation and will take appropriate action.”