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In 1980, Sophie Marceau was revealed to the general public thanks to her role as Penelope in the legendary film La Boum. At his side, a young teenager named Sheila O’Connor also saw herself propelled to the front of the stage. Unfortunately, the one who aspired to a great career was the victim of great disillusionment, as she had confided in Faustine Bollaert’s program, It starts today, broadcast on February 25, 2022.

After the filming of the film and the success it generated, the young teenager at the time confided that she had received threats. “In the mailboxes, we received threatening letters with skulls, written in blood. It was the former social networks. And on the other hand, at an address that I had given so as not to be attacked at home , we received packets of very nice letters”, she explained and added: “But there was also nastiness, jealousy. There, we manage strangely, because we say to ourselves: ‘But why I trigger that in others? What did I do? It’s a nice movie.”

Two years after the success of the first opus, the actress finally agreed to return to La Boum 2. A career which however did not take off as she wished: “I dreamed of a career à la Isabelle Huppert. those actresses. I really liked women like Sandrine Bonnaire, Juliette Binoche… I love to make people laugh, but after a while you get tired (…) It was a bit of a poisoned gift (…) It opened other doors for me, in the sense that from the public (…) I receive a lot of tenderness. But on the work side I really had to roll up my sleeves”. The actress and screenwriter has never let go of her passion for cinema.

On the show They Known the Glory: What Happened to Them? broadcast on TFX, the actress spoke about her father’s Alzheimer’s, which gradually made her sink into alcohol. “I was my father’s carer. I took care of him from morning to night. I am 20 years old, I give my dad a bath, I feed him, I spare you the details, I change… It’s super, super violent. So I went out a lot at night. And there, I had a pretty dark period. Everyone thought I was partying, but it was to forget what was happening. spent with my father”, she had declared and to add: “It is a period when I drank. During the day, I was a carer, at night, it was the midnight demons. Vodka, rum, whiskey, dancing until I lost my thirst… I didn’t realize that I was sinking into alcohol”. After her death, the actress finally managed to save herself from this addiction.

Despite this tragedy, the actress and screenwriter never let go of her passion for cinema. On social networks, Sheila O’Connor shares many snapshots of her daily life to the delight of her fans who have remained faithful to her. Planet invites you to discover its pretty pictures in our slideshow.