Prince’s Collaborator Sheila E. Denied Access to Paisley Park Studio on His Would-Be 66th Birthday

Sheila E. recently shared in an Instagram video that she was denied access to Prince’s Paisley Park studio on what would have been his 66th birthday. The iconic drummer visited the studio in Minneapolis, where she and Prince had worked on numerous hits together. Despite being in town for a performance, she was unable to enter the studio where they had recorded music.

In the video, Sheila E. expressed her disappointment at not being allowed to celebrate Prince’s birthday in the studio. She mentioned that while she was permitted to visit the property, she was specifically denied access to the studio where they had created music together.

The staff at Paisley Park responded to her video, explaining that they had offered her the opportunity to film in other areas of the studio but couldn’t allow filming in the studios without prior planning. They expressed their love and respect for Sheila E. and hoped to welcome her back in the future.

Sheila E. also shared a statement with PEOPLE, recounting her memories of Paisley Park and her collaboration with Prince. She expressed her sadness at not being able to capture photos and videos in Studio B, where many of her songs were recorded. Despite feeling unwelcome during her visit, she remains grateful for the time she spent creating music with Prince.

As one of Prince’s best-known drummers, Sheila E. had a close musical relationship with the late icon. They collaborated on multiple projects and shared a deep connection. Sheila E. continues to honor Prince’s legacy through her music and performances, paying tribute to him at various events.

The bond between Sheila E. and Prince remains strong even after his passing, with Sheila E. reflecting on their time together and the impact he had on her life. Despite the challenges she faced during her recent visit to Paisley Park, she continues to cherish the memories they shared and the music they created together.