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A grandmother uses her will in a very special way. If she doesn’t like the behavior of a family member, the will will also change.

Emma (57) is a mother and grandmother. The woman from Great Britain has found a special use for her will: for her, a will represents an insurance policy that ensures that she receives appropriate elderly care from her daughter and grandchildren. This is reported by the Daily Mail. It gives her “a lot of power.” 

In the family, Emma is known for changing the details in her will after conflicts. She constantly threatens her daughter Hannah (33) not to leave her anything – and has already deleted her from the document. However, her daughter usually gets back inside quickly.

“The first time I removed her was when she cut ties with me in her late teens and decided to play happy family with the father of her first daughter,” the grandmother reports in the Daily Mail. When Hannah broke up and returned, she became the primary recipient again.

The grandmother also speaks about this topic to her grandchildren, according to the Daily Mail. The word ‘legacy’ is a term that comes up in daily conversations with grandchildren. They were told that they wouldn’t get anything if they didn’t visit their grandmother. 

It’s not the first time that Emma has made headlines with stories from her everyday family life. She already admitted that she has a favorite granddaughter. In her eyes, Elise (16) can do no wrong. She also loves her other grandchildren, “but the same spark just isn’t there,” says Emma. 

However, not everyone has a will. Statistics with 10,493 participants show that 66 percent of Germans surveyed do not have a will. This is what “Statista” reports. The survey period was August 28, 2022. 

Seven percent have one, but it is not current. 20 percent said they had a will that was current. 

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