Baking soda, lemon juice, black soap… Fashion is natural, economical and ecological. Today, there is no need to fill your shopping cart with expensive and toxic household products: there are many alternatives that are kinder to your wallet and the environment. From dishwashing liquid to laundry detergent to floor cleaning product, recipes allow you to concoct your own homemade cleaning products.

Tempted by the adventure? Be careful, however, to follow good practices so as not to damage your home, but also and above all so as not to harm your health. Indeed, some fairly popular mixtures can be very toxic for you… This is the case with the combination of white vinegar and bleach, two products very popular with household aces.

Marion, a female volunteer firefighter, told Planet about the main domestic accidents in which she intervened. “First there is the misuse of household products. We were surprised once by someone who had mixed white vinegar and bleach,” explains the young woman. She tells :

Immediately, the victim is brought to the emergency room, and the diagnosis falls: “She burned her lungs…”, recalls Marion.

The mixture of white vinegar and bleach is not the only association to avoid…

Here is a list of some combinations of household products to avoid:

Even used alone, household products should always be used with some precautions…

If you now know that you should not mix bleach and white vinegar under any circumstances, know that precautionary measures also apply to their single use. Here’s what you should do when using bleach:

With regard to white vinegar, a natural product does not mean the absence of safety measures. Be sure to always wear gloves and avoid certain surfaces that will be damaged by the product.