A candid interview. On August 30, 2022, actress Sharon Stone spoke about her intimate life without taboos to Vogue Arabia magazine. During this interview, the 68-year-old star confided in particular on the reasons which led her to stop botox injections .

“There were times when I was really, really famous where I was doing Botox and fillers and everything, and then I had this major stroke and a nine-day brain hemorrhage and I had to get over 300 injections to regain volume on one side of my face,” she said. The star had realized that a “benign luxurious act” had finally become “some kind of massive and painful neurological need”.

During this interview, the sexagenarian had also revealed her past romance with a man younger than her. The latter, whom she did not wish to name, would have asked her if she would like to have recourse to botox injections again. To which she would have replied: “It would probably be very rewarding for your ego and for mine if I did…”. Some time later, the couple would have separated: “If you do not see me beyond this, please find your way out”, she would have told him.

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