As revealed by Le Parisien on November 22, 2022, the actor Sofiane Bennacer, revelation of the film Les Amandiers, was indicted last October for rape and violence against ex-companions.

According to information from our colleagues, a complaint for rape was filed against the 25-year-old actor by one of his former companions, an “apprentice actress” who was allegedly forced to have an “unwanted sexual relationship”. Three other women were heard by the gendarmes of the Strasbourg Research Section, two of them for acts of rape. These also describe “a relationship under the influence” as well as “non-consented relationships”, reports the Parisian. The companion of Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi would have disputed the facts and would have filed a complaint for “defamation against these accusers”.

On her Instagram account, Carla Bruni finally came out of silence following the publication of a Liberation front page devoted to the case. Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife deplores the magazine’s “moral lessons”. “It’s been 40 years since Libé gave us lessons in morality but obviously the presumption of innocence is completely foreign to him (…) To condemn on the front page of a newspaper, nowadays, is to condemn everything short. It’s crucifying someone, without even knowing what it really is. It’s flouting one of the foundations of our democracies”, she lamented.

The ex-model says she is “in solidarity with all women by principle” but “the feminist that I have always been, wants to say today that we do not relieve the pain of victims by creating new victims in a wild way and random and just as unfairly”, she declares and adds: “Shame on you Liberation: when you crucify someone on your front page without knowing if he is really guilty, you flout democracy”.

A message that has been the subject of strong criticism in the comments. Actress and director Andréa Bescond also stepped up: “A little respect for the victims (…) The presumption of innocence is extremely altered not by us, or Liberation but by him alone (…) Don’t worry too much about your friend, we’re in France, he won’t risk much… On the other hand, for once, he won’t have a Caesar”.