Sexuality of seniors: do people over 60 still make love?


Young or old, love is love, and it endures over time. The annual report of the Little Brothers of the Poor has tried to break the clichés surrounding the intimate life of our elders, explains Liberation. This is the subtitle of the study. “To put an end to received ideas.”

Especially since the subject is not very substantiated. There are few data, and they are fragmented.

Especially since the sexuality of elders seems to be considered taboo according to 53% of those questioned. This would be transformed into a “passage to tenderness with a desexualized vision that is intended to be normal and reassuring”, instead, explains the study. However, 84% of people over 60 believe they are comfortable with the subject.

Intimate relationships, on the other hand, are not always without reason. 61% of those who wish to be in a relationship admitted that it was so as not to feel alone…

Data from the seventh report of the Little Brothers of the Poor, produced from the CSA Research study in September 2022, on the emotional, intimate and sexual life of the elderly. It is a quantitative study carried out between April 5 and April 26, 2022, consisting of a sample of 1,500 people aged 60 and over, representative of the French metropolitan population…

The quota method is applied to the following variables: gender, age, socio-professional category, region and urban area category. The questionnaire was carried out by telephone. What does the study say? Planet has produced the slideshow below to try to understand the relationships of our elders.