After the airing of a documentary in American television, which is a burden on the singer R. Kelly hard, has turned the justice system. The prosecutors in the different Federal States to examine accusations of pedophilia and sexual Assault by the singer.

The Prosecutor’s office of the district of Cook in the state of Illinois, called on Tuesday for a press conference or witnesses to report. “Please contact us,” said attorney Kim Foxx. “We can’t determine without the cooperation of Victims and witnesses.”

In the six-hour documentary “Surviving R. Kelly”, which was broadcast last week in the transmitter Lifetime, accuse several women of the singers, to Know with young girls at the age under 16 years of age had, as he himself was of full age.

two former Girlfriends, as well as R. Kelly’s Ex-wife expressed in the documentation. According to the legend, it had gone to the singer about Power over women. Also, Soul singer John Legend said in the documentation, and later on Twitter:”To all of you who tell me how brave I was, in the documentation to occur: there’s nothing risky was. I believe these women and I’m going to protect a serial child rapist. Easy Decision.“As American media reports, asked the producers also long-time companions and friends R. Kelly for the report, including Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Lil ‘ Kim, undDave Chappelle. This would, however, rejected all of them.

reports about sex slaves

Other witnesses assure, the singer, whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, was surrounded with women, which he had made to be sex slaves and to be without contact to their families. R. Kelly has not commented yet publicly to the documentation.

Foxx described the allegations on Tuesday as “very, very troubling”. She was in contact with the families of two young women who were currently under the influence of R. Kelly.