Sexism in Ballon d’or: It may be free at my wedding


    women’s world player Ada Hegerberg looks after the awarding of the Golden ball, which has flared up debate about sexism in the meantime, with a sense of Humor. DJ and presenter Martin Solveig, the Hegerberg at the beginning of December at the Gala in Paris at the Butt-Wiggle have asked, could occur as a compensation “for free at my wedding,” she said in the talk show “Skavlan” on Swedish TV channel SVT, and laughed. Hegerberg is engaged with the Norwegian expert Thomas Rogne (28) from the Polish club Lech poznań.

    Solveig’ve apologised to her for his inappropriate saying, – said Hegerberg. You have found the statement of the French at the time as not so serious, because she had been focused on the award ceremony, said the Norwegian. “In retrospect, I understand that it was a strange question,” said the 23-Year-old, a man would not have Solveig asked to “Twerk”.

    The reactions to Solveig’s misstep took Hegerberg positive note. “People have antennas for such comments. This shows that we have taken a further step forward. But there are many bigger problems in this connection which deserve more attention,“ she said.