Severe storms and floods: what to put in your emergency kit


The deadly storms of the past week shocked the country, and prompted the government to launch a vast prevention campaign in the most exposed regions. “We are going to make sure to communicate massively in the 15 departments around the Mediterranean on the risks of Mediterranean phenomena which begin from the end of August”, declared Tuesday August 23 the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Christophe Béchu, during a trip to the Aude.

On the program: summary recommendations in the event of severe weather and the risk of flooding, for example:

But also the promotion of an “emergency kit”. The Minister for Ecological Transition, Christophe Béchu, thus called on the inhabitants of Aude, where he was traveling, to prepare this kit, in the event of severe weather, to deal with a critical situation (floods, collapse, etc.) while waiting for help to arrive.

“Prepare to live independently for a few days (3 days) with certain essential items”, specifies the communication from the government about the famous kit.

In our slideshow, discover everything you should put in this kit, according to the new government recommendations.

The measure seems apocalyptic, and yet. It aims to better prepare households for severe weather phenomena, which have not said their last word.

The departments, where, according to the new government campaign, it would be better to bring this emergency kit, are the following:

Indeed, these areas are the most exposed to Mediterranean episodes, which are particularly devastating.