The rescue work for the in a borehole ousted small Julen in Spain have suffered a further setback. After the helpers had succeeded on Monday evening, an auxiliary shaft for the recovery of the two-year, not adjusted to its stabilization in designated pipes. The slot should be widened on Tuesday.

When you Down the stabilization of pipes, the specialists in 40 meters of depth to be encountered difficulties, said a government spokesperson in Malaga. The Work on the widening of the shaft ran, however, it was not clear how long this would take. Once the shaft is stabilized by the pipes, should be left to a Team of eight mining experts down the shaft and with the construction of a four-Meter-long horizontal tunnel up to the hole to start, in the two-year-old was on Sunday a week ago, fell. For about 24 hours are estimated.

hope The experts to be able to Julen then mountains. The two-year-old Julen was, according to his family on 13. January in the vicinity of the Andalusian municipality of Totalán in the hole, while his parents nodded in the vicinity of pick. The 110-metre-deep exploration shaft, with a diameter of only 25 centimetres had been drilled, according to local media in December in search of water. Accordingly, the shaft was not secured and not marked.

Since the beginning of the operation there was no sign of life from Julen. His parents had lost in 2017 already their first child, Oliver, according to Spanish media, to a heart defect died. “I believe in God and it’s sorry to say this, but he was very unfair to us,” said Julens grandmother, the TV channel Antena 3. They believe, however, that Oliver is in the borehole over Julen guard.