Service N.B. Relocating from Downtown Fredericton to Brookside Mall in June

It’s been almost a year since the New Brunswick government announced its decision to relocate the Service New Brunswick office in Fredericton from the downtown core to the Brookside Mall on the city’s north side. The move is now only two weeks away, with the downtown office scheduled to be closed on June 21 and 22 in preparation for the opening at Brookside on June 24. Service New Brunswick Minister Mary Wilson stated that the decision to shift the operation out of downtown was a cost-saving measure to benefit taxpayers.

Wilson mentioned that the move was prompted by the need to find a more suitable space based on the growing population, as the downtown location was due for lease renewal. The relocation is estimated to save approximately $400,000 annually by consolidating services at the Brookside Mall and eliminating the need for two separate locations. Despite concerns raised by some community members about access to the new location, Wilson reassured that the bus system will accommodate students, and most transactions can be conducted online.

The decision to move the Service New Brunswick centre to the Brookside Mall was met with disappointment from some community members. Bruce McCormack, general manager of Downtown Fredericton, expressed regret over the economic spin-off that the downtown area would miss out on. Similarly, Green Party Leader and MLA for the area, David Coon, criticized the government’s choice to relocate the service centre, citing potential challenges for individuals without vehicles in the downtown area.

Wilson highlighted the benefits of the Brookside Mall’s ample parking facilities, which will streamline services such as parallel parking testing for new drivers and training for truck drivers. The move to Brookside aims to centralize services and improve accessibility for residents in the north side of Fredericton.