Series Camping in the Sky When the Girls go camping
Series Camping in the Sky When the Girls go camping

“Camping” was one of the most anticipated series of the American television autumn: Recycling of the “Girls”inventor Lena Dunham and her production partner Jenni Konner to a same-named British series, plays Jennifer Garner is the main character of the series, with Juliette Lewis and David Tennant more prominent actors are on Board. The story – a handful of townsfolk meet to the tent of the weekend in the woods – sounded promising, made for a Comedy about the quirks and neuroses of a group of mid-forties, the cars a few days out of their comfort zone.

Surprisingly, but in the eight part Wilderness excursion, almost nothing. Jennifer garner’s character is a control freak is: The exceedingly cramped Kathryn has organized the Trip to the forty-fifth birthday her husband, Walt (Tennant as meekly suffering). She blames her sister, Carleen (Ione Skye), which has as a naive do-gooder in addition to her husband, Joe (Chris Sullivan), their gloomy-looking Teenage daughter Sol (Cheyenne Hayes) in tow. Kathryn had in fact imposed a “no Kids allowed”. Your own pampered son of Orvis (Duncan Joiner) is excluded, of course.

Walt’s drug addict buddy George (Brett Gellman) and his wife Nina-Joy (Janizca Bravo), which is involved with Kathryn, apparently in a feud, after all, but a certain amount of traction. And Miguel (Arturo Del Puerto) has exchanged his Ex against the casual Jandice (Juliette Lewis). She is the lascivious antidote to the strained Kathryn. The is then also the collapse is close, as Jandice at the bird watching trip in the Nude, jumps into a lake and incites the other to the spontaneous programmed. “May I remind you that nobody sun and wearing protective cream?”, Kathryn gets desperate. At all: “I am the badge the only one here with a lifeguard!” As a day of Swimming and finally, another was planned.

The gentle, thoughtful tone of similar comedies like “The Big Chill”, “Camping”, in the words of Jenni Konner is striving for, never. Instead, Kathryn Primus inter Pares of a group of insufferable people, between which the Fort while discord reigns.

You might imagine that something like this works with a UK cast better than with the infantile American Large town. Jennifer Garner is no John Cleese, and your character is in, the truth is just so obnoxious, because you are liable under a pain-abdominal disease misdiagnosis and unsuccessful operations to suffer and to want nothing left to chance. This, of course, makes your Matratzenklau in the neighbouring tents (“am I supposed To spend your birthday weekend with a dysfunctional abdomen?”, snapping at your spouse) are not funny.