Serial burglaries: how not to be robbed when you are at home?


Summer vacation has finally come to an end. Returning home, French women and men may have imagined not having to worry about break-ins, so common during the holidays. The absence of both is, de facto, a golden opportunity for burglars who have much less difficulty in gaining inside a home and looting it, for lack of appropriate resistance. However, this does not mean that thieves take their holidays as soon as the back-to-school bell rings.

On the contrary, even! Witness the recent burglaries reported by the local press: on September 22, 2022, the national gendarmerie of Deux-Sèvres reported a total of six break-ins in the same night, reports La Nouvelle République. In Corrèze, three defendants managed to steal 121 people through serial burglaries, in Brive, underlines La Montagne on its site. What relativize the very idea that the thugs stop stealing when the owners are present…

Fortunately, there are techniques and tips for securing your home, including when you live in it at the moment T. More information about this in our slideshow, which you will find at the end of this article.

Be careful though: as tricks develop, burglars adapt. Recently, informs 20 minutes on its site, they began to use corrosive products to melt the sewers of the inhabitants in the departments of Île-de-France and Hauts-de-France. In this case, we speak of “acid burglary”, even though the exact substance has not yet been identified. For the time being, the police believe that it is probably an organized network.