In the family of Serge Lama, here is his son Frédéric. Born on September 23, 1981 in Corsica, he was raised by his mother Michèle Potier while his famous father (in a relationship with Daisy Brun) hid his existence for a long time. During his career, the singer kept his paternity secret for two years before revealing his truth on the cover of VSD magazine.

“Lama had a well-hidden secret for twenty months, the child he had had from Michèle, his companion. Here is his son, Frédéric”, had titled the famous magazine. A paternity on which the author and biographer Lomig Guillo returned. “He often said that he had not been a very present father. He was on tour a lot, but today it is going, a priori, rather well with his son”, he confided in 2020 for Planet.

After breaking up with his partner Daisy Brun, Serge Lama married Michèle Potier in June 1991. The singer raised their child Frédéric with her until the death of his wife in 2016. If his only son has already presented himself to his sides in Vivement Dimanche (see the slideshow), he made a remarkable appearance in 2010, participating in Pékin Express: Duos de choc, hosted by Stéphane Rotenberg on M6. He formed the binomial of the children of stars with Victoria Monfort, the daughter of the sports journalist and animator Nelson Monfort. After the medical abandonment of the young woman, the magician teamed up with Hoang (former candidate of season 5) and climbed with his partner to the final of the adventure game.

Far from the spotlight unlike his father, Frédéric Lama pursues his career as a businessman. According to his online page on LinkedIn, we learn that the 41-year-old man was general manager of the company Habitat Adapé (2013-2020) and co-founder of the CityAccess design office. At the same time, he is at the head of his communication agency Magic4Media (created in 2006) and his production company Black Alpaca (since 2013).

On the private side, Frédéric Lama would share his life with a woman named Léa. In 2018, Serge Lama’s son became the father of a daughter. “Frédo was born to be a dad. Me not. He always loved children, even at fifteen or sixteen, he took care of the little ones. He met Léa on one of my singing tours. crazy in love”, told the singer in Gala. “Finally, through my daughter-in-law who is just as passionate about the violin as I am about what I do, I now share my love of music with my son”.

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Closer than ever, Frédéric Lama was notably present at the wedding of his father with his companion Luana in February 2021. The latter also revealed in the pages of Paris Match. “I am the godmother of the little one…”. Here’s what Serge Lama’s son is up to on Instagram and in the slideshow below.

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