The upper house of the British Parliament has passed a law against taking pictures under woman’s skirts, and thus the months-long campaign of a young Englishwoman to success helped. The 27-year-activist Gina Martin celebrated the on Tuesday approved a ban on Twitter: “I’m exhausted and so happy,” wrote Martin on Wednesday. However, the decision was due to the also on the same day, to be held Brexit vote in the lower house.

Martin had taken up the fight against secret Photography under skirts and dresses (in English: “Upskirting”) to one’s own experience in suffering. In July 2017 they had been according to its own information of a stranger at a music festival in London initially afflicted.

Then he made a picture under her skirt and this over the short message service Whatsapp to a friend sent that lurked in the immediate vicinity. She knew immediately that she had been the victim of this intimate Close-up told you once to the AFP news Agency.

The man had to delete the photo – nothing else

you have alerted the police, who had forced the man to Delete the photos. The investigations against the Suspects were, however, soon set in. The reason: The Offense was at the time in England and Wales, not criminal, unlike in Scotland.