Senate approves short-term funding measure in order to avoid government shutdown


The bill will finance the government up to March 11.

Short-term legislation was passed by the Senate Thursday to avoid a shutdown of government. The bill was sent to President Biden for his signature.

The current level of funding will be provided by the bill. It passed 65-27, just ahead of Friday’s deadline. This will give Congress members more time to create a full-year funding measure.

This is the second consecutive year in which lawmakers have voted to prevent a partial shutdown of government and maintain government agencies’ operationality. The Senate approved funding extension to February mid-February in December.

The House voted 272-162 last week to approve the measure, also known as a continuing solution.

Legislators are charged with funding the government until the end of the fiscal, which ends on Sept. 30, through an appropriations bill. Although there are rumors that a deal may be close, no official announcement has been made.

Just before the planned week-long recess, the Senate votes.