In the organisations of modern society, there is today probably at the same time, more reforms and less reforms than ever before. On the one hand, every large organization has meanwhile whole departments, one of which is to be expected that they are dissatisfied with conditions and new proposals for improvement develop. In addition to these professionals for organizational development, there are companies for organizational consulting, a part of the deal in order to sell their clientele a reform idea after another, and this always, of course, with the Argument elsewhere, you’ll already practiced with great success. Willingness to reform will appear the Symbol of a progressive setting, and organizations that place a value on it, as contemporary and modern, can resist the.

on the Other hand, you have to expect a high rate of reform policy failures. Their accurate determination is preparing, of course, difficulties, because on more than just the ritual for the Evaluation of the reforms in General, will be omitted. From the point of view of the professional Reformer of this waiver has two advantages: you can survive the costly, but unsuccessful attempts to reform without the loss of Reputation, and you can also bring highly illusionary objectives of the reform into the conversation. So, for example, is assured again and again, now finally you have found the technique to improve the motivation and performance of employees, although the sociological research for such prospects, offers no clue.

If the sociologists to assess the reform capability of organizations skeptical to negative, primarily because their case studies show that reforms are, as it were, operated for their own sake and that which is now seen even by those so, who should carry and implement. The resistance of the workers against the Changes, an old and classic topic in the sociology of organizations, seems to be condensed to a disbelief in reform per se.

change of heart by lip service

look Like something that a recent case study, the reform has accompanied processes in a labour office in Amsterdam shows, which should be rebuilt in the Wake of the financial market crisis, according to the principles of Lean management. The most important result is: The Protest against the continuous reform and participation in its implementation may exist together, not only in different Camps of the reform of conflict, but also in one and the same Person, and in addition, there are at least two different types, this personal combination.

to let some employees contrary to the required attitude change through paid lip service in public situations, but not in the dream, remember, these words with any action. You are afraid the risk to come out of the closet as an opponent, and give instead, the Convinced, the draws, as such, no special distrust. So you don’t have to expect that the much-demanded “Change Agent” focuses on, of all things.

the Other draw the suspicion of this impeller outright, by making the most of the opportunity, their disbelief at the latest panacea open. Your courage to open Protest of wearing them the respect of their less courageous colleagues, but it is only a successful strategy when your work performance of any suspicious criticism, and also the cooperation in the implementation of the Reform. It is, therefore, a strategy for loyal members. The few public opponents of the Reform at the same time, those who take it seriously, as many profess, conversely, are friends of the Reform. No easy distinction between the learning and the concrete heads of this position is to prepare.