British Airways, will the accuracy improve with self-propelled trolleys are available between the terminal and the aircraft. The British carrier is self-propelled and zero vehicles to the test on London’s Heathrow airport, as she was on Thursday known as.

The vehicles can transport up to 40 pieces of luggage, each way, and with the help of the navigation technology and the most direct route across the airport. A major advantage of this is that the cars will not be able to leave as soon as they have been, where you are today to wait until all of the bags in a vehicle, and cars are loaded.

The tests are part of a 6.5 billion-pound (7,54 billion euros to the heavy-investeringsoffensief of the carrier. If the test is successful, would pit cars from 2021, in service to all. The project was set up by British Airways, which was developed in cooperation with the airport as well as the company’s Aurrigo, which specialises in self-propelled vehicles.

every day, and land up to 800 aircraft by British Airways to and from the hub Airport. For that purpose, some of the 75,000 pieces of luggage will be transported between the aircraft and the terminal building.
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