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The world del toro is in the process of renewal, and one of the more steps a firm has given TauroTen, a platform of on demand content that aims to be a new way to bring bullfighting to the public, a window into the lives of the seven bullfighters who form part of this project, reports Ef: and.

through #Insides, Enrique Ponce, Cayetano, Miguel Angel Perera, Sebastian Castella, El Fandi, Roman and rejoneadora Lea Vicens tell in first person their daily activities, workouts, and hobbies, will open the doors of their homes to show their most intimate, their routines and families, “what is behind the person who is dressed in lights”, as pointed out by Ponce, who participated by videoconference in the presentation this Wednesday at the Wanda Metropolitan Madrid .

Each week, there will be content exclusive to ten minutes on each one of these seven ambassadors TauroTen, the user will be able to enjoy from the web (accessible from any mobile device and in any part of the world) TauroTen.Tv.

in Addition, subscribers to Tauroten, a project led by Marco Rocha and Hugo Costa , you will also have access to all kinds of material bullfighting exclusive in the TEN section+, where they will find content extraordinary , as the launch: A series of chapters featuring Morante de la Puebla and Rafael de Paula, also under the concept #Inside.

“The world of the bull as ever you have been told” is the motto of a project “ambitious and different to the others, the real future of the party”, as has been recognized by the French Sebastian Castella.

In that sense, Cayetano has highlighted, precisely, it’s going to be “a before and an after in what is the communication of the art of bullfighting”. “I think that in the bullfighting was missing something as well, a project sign done with quality, with taste and teach our values, which are infinite,” said the bullfighter.

Also David Fandila “El Fandi” , by videoconference, has insisted on this, precisely: “we Need to update ourselves, to do novel things to the world del toro is up to date and can attract young people”.

Those who choose to subscribe to TauroTen only have access to your web page, subscribe to, and, after a seven-day free trial, you begin to pay the fee stipulated in the six euros per month , without any commitment of permanence.