Security law in Hong Kong “Trumps threats will not succeed”, The Hong Kong government defended the Beijing and a planned national security law and sentenced to the Plan of the U.S. President, the special treatment should be repealed.0 comment to supporters of the Chinese government to protest outside the US Consulate in Hong Kong. (30. May 2020)photo: Kin Cheung/Keystone

The government in Hong Kong has criticised the announcement by US President Donald Trump, due to the planned safety law in the Chinese special administrative region economic privileges should not be withdrawn. Hong Kong’s security Minister, John Lee, said Saturday before journalists, the government could not threaten and are working on the new laws. Threats would have no success, “because we are convinced that we will do the Right thing.” Minister of justice, MS Teresa Cheng called the Basis for trump’s project “completely untrue and wrong”.

The leaders in Beijing, a planned national security law was legal and necessary. For this law of the people’s Congress in Beijing had made on Thursday out of the way. Trump accused China then, word-break, and said, the financial metropolis of Hong Kong will not be granted to the “preferred treatment” any longer.

Trump: sanctions against Responsible

Trump said on Friday that his government would initiate the process for the abolition of political agreements of delivery, agreements to export controls. In addition, the United States would impose sanctions against persons who are responsible for ensuring that Hong Kong’s autonomy will suffocate. On when that is, let the Trump, however, open.

Even in Hong Kong itself and in other States in the proposed security bill, scheduled to come up September into force pushes on criticism. In Hong Kong, thousands protested against the project. They fear greater access to the Beijing government on Hong Kong and the loss of freedoms that enjoy the former British colony since its handover to China in 1997. Because according to the law, Chinese police and intelligence services with far-reaching powers could be transferred to Hong Kong. The objective should be to fight a secession, Subversion,terrorism, and interference from abroad.


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