Five of the Belgian gambling companies have decided to set on to radio, television, and print media is not advertising is more to the place. At the same time, requests the government to its competitor, National-Lottery-what-in-to-curb. That is, write The Time on Saturday.

in The Belgian sector is a remarkable initiative. There are five companies that are united in a industry organisation BAGO, steps to the belgian minister of Justice Koen Geens (CD&V). the proposal, as of January 1, no more advertising to run on television, radio, and in printed media. The goal is to stay away from the scene. It’s going to be Golden Palace Casino, the Ardent Group, Napoleon Games, Unibet casino and Betfirst. They account for 65 per cent of the legal gokbusiness in the country. The total accounts for eur 1 billion in gross revenues in the allocated amount minus the paid spelerswinsten.

of The five, say, to go beyond their legal obligation. Recently, there has been a new advertising rules that are more restrictive apply. Gokreclame may not be related to children’s programmes and during live sporting events. Online the companies, only on its own web site, advertising, or personalized to the registered players.

the initiators of The project hope that their gesture of goodwill and to make the public at large. The tone, however, is that the reclamestop only applies to a limited segment of the field of activity of the sector. The herenakkoord does not apply to the internet, is the new battleground among the gambling companies.

for More on games of chance is No penalty for a fun-cops, ” for there is no government, Ceo National Lottery: “What you have here in Belgium, you can also see nowhere else in the world. Except in Las Vegas,” Chief executive the National Lottery gets off to the gaming commission, “It is mistaken about the target group (Ex-hoofdcontroleur games of chance to fight a ban on consultancy