Writing a perfect profile for a dating website can be an uphill task for many people. Some are still wondering about the right words to use to attract the partner of their dreams. Others are scared that they will look out of touch or even make blunders that will cause them to be an online mockery. But if you have the right information on the secret words that are used commonly on dating platforms, your search for love online will be very smooth. Without further discussion, let us look at these words and what impact they have.

Music Fan

A common love of music has always brought people together. People who love music are likely to be fun and relatable. And this has made an impact on online dating. Profiles with statements or words that depict love for music have been receiving more views and messages. This result comes from people who love music and those who find music fans interesting and attractive. Do not hesitate to mention that you are a music fan and the type of music that you love.

Healthy and Fit

According to data from Zoosk, an online dating site, a profile that includes the words healthy and fit receives 15% more messages. Likewise, other sites have also found that people are looking for partners who are mostly healthy. This is closely followed by those who are looking for fit partners. It looks like many people want to date a partner who is focused on making health and fitness a priority. If you are healthy and fit, you should include these words in your profile.

Outdoor Activities and Sports

If you love sports, it is time that you tell all those who will view your profile on an online dating site. Reliable sources have shown that people who expressed their love for outdoor activities always receive more requests and profile views. According to the Happymatches website, popular sports include water activities, soccer, and football to mention a few.

What to Avoid

Apart from words that attract more messages and views, reports have shown that some words resulted in the opposite. Saying that you have a laid-back lifestyle has a negative impact. After all, who wants to date a person who is not active, passionate, and motivated in life? Reports from various popular dating websites explain that even hobbies such as reading are not preferred by many.

Ultimately, these are some of the descriptions that you should avoid. However, many people prefer to remain honest and true to themselves regardless of the effect on popularity. Even if it will take time, everyone will most likely find a perfect partner who will love them the way they are.

The Takeaway

You can research additional secret words that most successful profiles have in common. But even with such knowledge, it is not advisable to use words that do not depict who you are. When people know that you lied, they might break up with you immediately.