As it can be within a few hours famous, has demonstrated a waitress of the brand “Fiji water” on Sunday evening, by way of example. Kelleth Cuthbert has positioned itself at the award ceremony of the Golden Globes in Los Angeles so cleverly behind the Stars on the red carpet that you see on dozens of celebrity photos – always with a friendly smile, with a tray full of water bottles in Hand. Photo bombing is called in the United States, if someone in the image of a Stranger sneaking. Cuthbert has it not only on a photo with Oscar-winners like Nicole Kidman managed. It is also to be seen in the Background, with the actors Jim Carrey, Jamie Lee Curtis, Camilla Belle, Amy Adams, and Richard Madden. As the newly engaged Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz kissing, Cuthbert directly behind them.

Under the Hashtag #fijiwatergirl numerous Twitter amused themselves – and the Instagram users about Cuthbert. “You saved my day!”, you wrote: “I nominate you, herewith, as the host of the next Oscars”. The brand Fiji water tweeted: “We are so glad that all our water talk!” and joked with a view to Cuthberts omnipresence: “she’s standing right behind us, or?”