Bringing Culture to Community: Second Year of Komasket Powwow Wraps Up

The second annual Komasket Powwow came to a close on Sunday after a weekend filled with cultural celebrations and events.

Organizers are still in the process of calculating the exact number of attendees, but chairman Grant Louis mentioned that people from various parts of North America, including Oklahoma, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Washington, Oregon, and Mohawk individuals, were present at the event. The Grand Entry on Sunday featured multiple drumming groups and numerous dancers, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the participants.

One of the key aspects of the powwow was the emphasis on taking care of the community members, which was reflected in the communal meals shared throughout the weekend. The event, which took place from June 7 to 9, featured camping facilities and vendors along Westside Road. The final day of the powwow included drumming, singing, dancing, and other festivities, providing an immersive cultural experience for all attendees.

Louis highlighted the significance of the event in terms of sharing knowledge and educating the community about indigenous traditions. He expressed his desire to create a space where individuals could reconnect with their cultural roots and heritage. The powwow, hosted by the Okanagan Indian Band, marked the second year of the celebration, with plans to continue the tradition annually in the future.