Hessian companies need to evaluation of the Federal employment Agency are always longer, if you want to hire new people. In December were passed in an average of 135 days up to the renewal of a free body, such as the regional Directorate of the Agency reported on Thursday in Frankfurt. A year earlier, there were only 118 days. With an average vacancy of 169 days in particular, carers for the elderly were difficult to find.

the long times to the re-occupation of the high demand of the company is reflected not only by the low supply of labour. The developed job index BA-X reached in December with 232 points, high for the Year for the 2018 and remained with 4 points, only just below the all-time record, set in December of 2017, such as the regional Directorate reported.

In November were reported to the agencies more than 56,000 available Jobs for approximately 144,000 unemployed. Almost 4000 Bodies were to occupy in the camp economy. On Friday the regional Directorate intends to present the Figures for December and the full year 2018. Normal for the season would be a slight increase in the number of unemployed.