Search for Belgian pharmaceutical companies, for prohibited agreements


The Belgian competition Authority on Tuesday, has been invaded by companies in the pharmaceutical industry. They are suspected to be in the competition in the market, biosimilaire medications in a negative way.

finally, The Office speaks, in a press release, “restricitieve practice that have as their object or effect the entry or to the expansion of the market, and to restrict, slow down, or prevent it from biosimilaire of medicines that will compete with the existing drugs. It is not clear which of the companies, the auditors ‘ office has been attacked.

Biosimilaire drugs are drugs that have a similar effect to that of the patented biologic drugs. They will be able to come on to the market as the patent for the original drug has expired. It may be, for example, types of insulin, treatments for Crohn’s disease, and the treatment of the cancer or the treatments against rheumatoid arthritis.

Prefer original

an investigation by the competition authorities, it is found that such alternatives to the original drugs, “it is difficult to have a market to conquer”, said Véronique Thirion, auditor-general, the auditors ‘ office. It could be that in hospitals, for example, a preference to keep the original product.

the Loyalty

if you are Medaxes, the umbrella organisation of manufacturers of biosimilaire drugs, the difficult access to the market for many, many years to resolve it, said spokesman Peter heritage objects. “The use of biosimilaire medicinal products in Belgium are much lower than in the neighbouring countries. Several factors can be the basis of a lie. Medaxes points out, inter alia, on the presence of the producers of the original medicinal products on the Belgian market, and also the “loyalty” of doctors compared to the genuine products.

finally, The authorities are under the impression, according to Thirion that in some pharmaceutical companies, such restrictive practices will apply to the introduction of biosimilaire of drugs on the market to prevent it. These are practices that, for example, that the “economic choice of hospitals is limited,” according to Thirion.

the Names and the amounts will not be made to the college of competition prosecutors. “However, in the pharmaceutical sector-the main thing we need to make large amounts of money,” according to the auditor-general.

as an Umbrella organization Medaxes to wait for the investigation, and applauds the advance of each initiative to ensure that access to the market may be improving.

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