Following the unveiling of the platform “The Intercept” is the Google for China has developed a search engine that obeys the requirements of the censorship, soon to be history. Internally, it is said, the project “Dragonfly” (dragonfly) was as good as buried. Had to read this to the setting of the Chinese Website

it had bought Google ten years ago, to study the behavior of Chinese users and to work based on “Dragonfly”. “The Intercept”, that reveals Google’s secret project in August, is relying on two sources in the group, which reported that the balance with the from Beijing working Website be completed by the one pages identified that landed on a black list and from Google’s own search were not displayed.

This search engine was supposed to connect the phone numbers of users with their search histories, making it the Chinese censorship would have been Easy to find the users. Pages that provide information about topics such as freedom of expression, human rights or Religion, should not be displayed from Google’s China search engine.

Internally had led to a revolt by staff. They called on the management of the company, “to stop Dragonfly.” In particular, employees of the so-called “privacy team”, dealing with the protection of privacy, were outraged – because “Dragonfly”, “The Intercept”, in front of them was kept secret.